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hands of gold

This Mother's Day I had both my girls with me and it was blissful! Shiri came in from New York and the three of us spent most of the weekend drawing, crafting, stitching and chatting away. Nina, my six year old, learned how to quill, (paper quilling). Her little fingers became more and more nimble as she inserted the little strips of paper into the quilling tool. The look of intense concentration on her face and the little whispered sounds of achievement or exasperation were enough to make me want to eat her up. Shiri and I were busy working on ideas for invitations to the wedding and coming up with color possibilities. Then she sat down with a piece of needlepoint I was working on and began drawing. She carefully and lovingly drew each stitch, each thread, every shade of color. She truly has hands of gold.

My girls, my life.

Anonymous –   – (May 16, 2008 at 3:36 PM)  

I'm always happy to hear about "little ones" learning to quill, especially since so many of us who learned to quill 30+ years ago are reaching our golden years and want to see this beautiful art passed on to future generations. I am an avid quiller; your young quiller might enjoy browsing through my web site http://www.Whimsiquills.com She might enjoy some of the free patterns, most are quite simple since they were designed for the Accord quilling calendar (which has 300+ patterns, a tool and quilling strips. I hope her interst in quilling continues.

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