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New colors

"Midnight Garden" is a sampler-type piece that I designed using only two types of fiber: The Caron Collection Watercolours and Waterlilies. It is a very popular design, mainly, I think, because it gives the stitcher an opportunity to work with many different colors and even more different stitches. It is worked on black canvas! I've put together a new colorway for the garden (at the top of this posting). If you go to my website here you'll see it has a special sale price in honor of...of...well, in honor of anything.

Alexandra, who you met in the last posting, is my new assistant. I had her plunge into the wild waters of my studio and put together a new colorway for "Grace". Here it is...

Pretty good, eh? It's great having another artist here in the studio. You can find this colorway at a special price on my website as well (here).

Back to the drawing board!

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