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At the end of the day.

It's Sunday evening and I'm reflecting on an eventful and exciting weekend.

On Saturday morning Shiri came. The two sisters hugged, kissed and then chatted about American Girl Doll stuff.

While Nina went to her Cambodian dance class, Shiri and I went to meet with the wedding flower lady and played around with vases, votives and flower possibilities. You can imagine how much fun that is for me!

We had a house full of guests for Saturday dinner and this morning we woke up bright and early and headed out to Nina's first Figure Skating competition.

You want to hear how ridiculous mothers can be? In Nina's level there were only two competitors, Nina and another little cutie. What that means is that Nina could either get a gold or a silver medal, right? She couldn't leave without a medal and she couldn't leave with a bronze medal. She could ONLY leave with either a gold or silver one. So please tell me why was my heart beating in my throat, why did I want to snatch her away from all this and run all the way back home with her, why did I feel that with every passing minute I was loosing a year of my life?

Well, she did beautifully, very poised and so happy. In the audience she had a row full of love: her mommy, daddy, sister and then... her teacher came from hours away with his two sons, and her good friend Helen and her mom were there cheering her on as well. When she was done with her routine she beamed over at us and waved and then took a very cute curtsy for the judges. She got a Silver medal!

While I was busy with all this, my very good friend and designer,
Michael Boren, was teaching my piece GIBOR at the annual Stitch for the Cure event in Virginia.

Gibor means hero in Hebrew. The piece was designed in memory of my father. Michael told the participants the story of my father's amazing life. He taught the design and I received rave reviews from participants at the event about Michael and how he introduced them to my father and to my design.
What a friend! Thank you, my very dear Michael!


We have discussed what a sucker I am for a good gift wrap, right? Starting tomorrow, all our orders are going out in a dark green reusable fabric bag, the perfect size for carrying your projects. Our signature green tissue paper has been toned down a bit from the lime green to what they call the aloe green (I'm not making this up!).

I want each and every customer who opens up an Ornaments shipping box to find a beautiful presentation inside, one that will make you feel as if you have bought yourself a gift.

You deserve it!!

NCPat  – (November 23, 2008 at 6:51 PM)  

Gibor is beautiful! I love the bags! Very nice touch!

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