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FREE design and keeping my promises.

Back here I promised a free design for all. I'm keeping my promise.

It's up on the website, complete instructions, color Master Chart, the whole shebang! Check it out in the How To section of the website.

I keep thinking of ways you can use this design. Of course there is brooch, and a pendant. How about making a holiday gift card for someone dear to you? And then I thought, you could position it as a square (vs. diamond) and then stitch a long row of them; a belt! A photo frame stitched out of rows of these, (maybe 7 x 5 squares)? A closure for an envelope evening bag. Three of these n a row make a beautiful bookmark...

OK, I need to stop!

Enjoy, my friends.

Anonymous –   – (November 17, 2008 at 5:24 AM)  

Help, I can't find the "how to" section on the website. I would love to make this piece, but I can only find the supplies listed.

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