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I'm back!

Seminar is over and I'm home. We are all home.

This is what our bedroom looks like. Anyone want to come over and help unpack? Didn't think so.

Classes were wonderful, great students and very talented stitchers. I was impressed!
The ladies of the faculty committee were fabulous. They kept everything moving smoothly, kept everyone happy and made it look effortless. Joanne, Charly and Elizabeth, you rock!

Here are some of my wonderful students...

and then there is Syl (read all about him and his talented son).

The night before we returned home I woke up with an awful cold. The next morning we packed and all the while I was making these horrible cold sounds. Flying in this condition was not what the doctor prescribed, but we made it home, me with a 100.7 °.
It's Monday and I'm feeling better so no excuses. Today is unpack, laundry, cook, get school uniforms out, etc. etc. day.

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