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I need your help. 

But before that, I'll give you a quick update on "Renovation Willis".

I need to choose colors for the walls and for some of the kitchen cabinets. I think it's still really early for that, but my architect has found a way to keep me happy. He gives me little projects that won't be needed for a long time, and thus gives me the illusion that we are really moving along! 
Smart boy!

Colors for the walls, already? Yes!!


About 16 years ago we bought a dining set at Ethan Allen. Great quality! I had the chairs reupholstered along the way, and I kept the table in near perfect shape with table pads. The chairs still sturdy, hardly any scratches, upholstery still stain free. The only problem was that I was sick, sick, sick of the set. So I went a-looking for a new set for all the upcoming dinners in the newly renovated space. 

Anything I saw was either really cheap looking, or really expensively priced.  I came back home, looked at my near perfect table and chairs and decided to have the top stripped and refinished and the chairs painted. Yesterday my set came back home to mama and I LOVE the results!!! 


And now for the help.

In my old studio I hung all my fibers like this...


In the new studio I will have one entire wall for hanging all my fibers. I'm looking for a hanging system. I want something easy to use, a system that displays the threads well and allows for shifting them around when I need to add new threads, reasonably priced, but more than anything I want this something to be very good looking! What do you do with your threads? Have you seen something at a shop, at a friend, in a magazine, that you think is really attractive and, yes, practical too?

Can you help me?

Thank you.

Napa Needlepoint  – (April 18, 2010 at 6:36 AM)  

Orna --

In our new house I have turned the formal dining room into my studio, so the eat-in kitchen has to serve as both. So I decided to get e new table, that would be 1. big enough for large parties and family feasts and 2. casual enough for everyday.

What did I find, expensive, ugly overwrought tables, more restrained ones that were too small, and ones that looked like my current table.

I ended up putting in our old dining room table and chairs and am using it without pads, so the top looks less formal.

I hate furniture shopping because I'm so out of step.

Keep Stitching,

Lynn –   – (April 18, 2010 at 7:07 AM)  

One of the best display/storage ideas for threads that I have seen is at Designers Desk in Geneva, IL. They have these floor to ceiling panels, 3 deep, that move to the side to get to what is behind or to the side. Hard to explain. One can see them in the gallery slide show. Go to designersdeskusa.com, their website. Shots 11,18,28-32,100 & 101 all show the system. Neat idea, flexible and holds a lot of threads.

Front Range Stitcher  – (April 18, 2010 at 7:13 PM)  

Those were great suggestions from Janet and Lynn. I don't have any specific advice for you but if you have not already discovered it, the publication, "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" "Studios" is a fabulous resource.

Orna Willis  – (April 19, 2010 at 4:33 AM)  

Janet, do you have a photo of your studio?
Lynn, I checked the photos. It looks like a great system but I think you also need depth in order for the panels to stack up. I don't have depth, the wall is in an area where I will need to walk up close to it.
I have seen the publication, I'll take a look at my local Barnes and Noble and what's in this month's issue.
thanks to all!

Monica  – (April 19, 2010 at 10:13 AM)  

for colors to go with that beautiful gray and wood table, i would suggest a warm paprika red or a cool turquoise for a different flavor. for wall storage, one of the most changeable is to use the wire rack wall system. for instance, see this site:

i put my threads on huge individual loose-leaf rings you buy in different diameters at staples and hook them on thise hooks. easily visible, easily moveable and you can rearrange to your heart's content - by color, by thread, by size canvas they go on, whatever you feel... there are many sites for the chrome grids - yo ucan hook little baskets onthem and so much more than just hooks - i adore mine!! try this site:

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