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Beginning of the week photos and news.

I took these photos on Friday but didn't post them since the focus isn't sharp. I thought I'd take better photos over the weekend, but never did get to it. So better out of focus than no focus at all.

Do you see the little squares of color on the floor at the bottom left side of the short wall? That's just one example of where the floor was sanded and sample stains were applied. There are probably 12-15 such squares and we still don't know which stain to use.

new home photo3

The first of my studio cabinets going up!

new home photos2

My studio wall from the other side.

new home photos1

The kitchen cabinets are going up, slowly, very slowly.

new home photos

And the big "if" is... if the double oven fits into the cabinet space, I won't need to buy a new double oven and sell this one. If... wish me luck!


and, on another note: there is a great needlepoint magazine, can't tell you which but there is  "Now" in it's name, and it will have a new regular column on color. Hmmm, now who could be writing that column?...

More photos later this week.

Front Range Stitcher  – (April 26, 2010 at 7:35 AM)  

The wood cabinets are beautiful-they're there and that's progress! Do you think you will go dark with the floor, neutral or light? It looks like you might go a little lighter than what is currently on the floor? No doubt whichever stain is chosen it will be perfect. Speaking of color and magazines, I love secrets. Shhhh, my lips are zips. Hoping your week's stress is limited to somewhere less than what's anticipated. LOL!

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