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I knew I shouldn't have...

The exact day of my last post, the day I was boasting about my new printer, how marvelous it was and how I was going to be sending out new instructions books, that same day the printer died!  Yep, a three day old printer which I paid  $XXX for (embarrassed to say), died. Since then we have spent hours (I kid you not), on the phone with the company, had a technician here twice, had a new printer sent out and... it too is not working.  So now we wait for yet another technician. They say they think they know what the problem might be. Surprisingly, (NOT), they say it will cost money to fix.

Please, PLEASE, when I start telling you about some new piece of wonderful technology I just got, please, PLEASE, stop me!  I'm not superstitious, I just want to stay on the safe side!

Back to school. I can't believe it's almost here. Nina will be entering 4th grade. I don't understand how that could be because last year she was in 1st. At least it seems like last year...


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