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How the Time Flies!

Busy, Busy, Busy! Everything in the past few weeks has been a whirl of activity! This past weekend was the holiday, and the whole family was here for 4 days.  It was a wonderful time, lots of food and talk and more food! ANG Seminar is coming right up and the studio is buzzing. My assistant Genevieve and I have been hard at work preparing  for all 5 classes that I will be teaching.

These are different colorway kits for one of the classes---it's inspiring to watch this beautiful pile of silk and color grow. Such vibrant combinations ...

We have also been printing books and instructions, so many new designs and master charts. Hard to believe we only have two weeks left. It's all coming along nicely, and I am really looking forward to the seminar.

Last but not least---to add to all of the hubub and frenzy, let me introduce: ESTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That puppy in the Window is ours! That little face rolled into our lives exactly two weeks ago and what a ride it has been! This is Esther, and she is a joy and such an amazing addition to our home. You will see that she is pictured here in her carrying case--that is due to the fact she has figured out how to open the latch on her crate. Yes, she is a wonder-dog for sure! We are learning all about crate training and we will all be headed to our first meeting with a trainer this weekend. She is such a character, but if anyone has any good advice about puppy training, please feel free to post. I have never had a dog before, much less a puppy, so this is an adventure for us all!


Didi-beadwork  – (September 15, 2010 at 1:49 AM)  

Ooh I love the colours. I hope that they are for the class I am doing. I love your colours always and how you are so brave with mixing them.
REally looking forward to the class.
Diane Lithgow, NZ

Marcy  – (September 27, 2010 at 10:15 AM)  

What an adorable puppy! The key to keeping your sanity with a puppy is crate training and consistancy. And whatever else you do, don't free feed the lil darlin'. It will make house training so much easier. A friend of mine uses the puppy pee pads. She has small dogs and swears by them. Give little Esther an ear scrunch from me.

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