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Introductions and The Studio: Revealed!!

Hello All--This is Genevieve, Orna's Assistant.  I have been working for Orna since sometime in June and it has turned out to be whirlwind of a job! My background is a patchwork of art disciplines, from Film, to Glass to Embroidery

and pretty much everything in between! I think I work really well with Orna because we both have the same kind of addiction to process---if we see something we like we both usually say "Oh Let me figure out how to do that..." and then we are off. That thinking is very dear to me--I believe the work determines the medium and not the other way around.

So now that I have made introductions, let me tell you whats going on at the Studio. Orna is off to the ANG seminar this week. We did so much prepping for this event, I am not sure I can clearly explain all that went into it! Let me just show you what we were left with after she was all packed up:

Does the word Chaos come to mind?  Orna is teaching 5 classes, and each one required the most detailed colorway packages and charting. It was trial by fire to be sure! We did, however, come up with some wonderful new ideas. Probably the coolest one is Illuminations on Color---an entire line of thread packs hand picked by orna herself. We used photos for the Inspiration part, and they really came out wonderfully.

 We will be putting these up on the site shortly, and because so much of what Orna does is about color, a great deal of the new things that will be showing up will emphasis ways to think about color, and use color in a thoughtful way. Very exciting.

Orna will be back next week, in the meantime I am daytime Nanny to Esther who has successfully learned to Sit, and is working, rather begrudgingly, on Come!

And just a reminder: the Square Dance Cyber Workshop class mentioned on the last blog is filling up fast---be sure to get yourself signed up!! The Square Dance design is really wonderful, it reminds me of a box of chocolates, or Petite Fours. All those teeny tiny designs---how can you resist!

Carol in Indian Springs Village  – (October 7, 2010 at 5:32 PM)  

Welcome Genevieve! I hope you enjoy your job...it would be a dream job for a lot of us! And I can't wait till the thread packs are posted; the ones you showed all look wonderful and thread is definitely a weakness of mine. Oh, and I'm signed up for Square Dance and ready to go!

Orna Willis  – (October 12, 2010 at 7:35 AM)  

Oh thank you!! Most days it is the dream job--I actually get to think about the finer things in life as a job!! Color, silk, making things. I am very lucky! I will definitly let you all know when we post those thread packs--what is it about beautiful large quantities of raw material?? I am a complete sucker.... I think it's all the potential??


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