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Announcing a Thread Gatherings for the next generation

As the idea of Thread Gatherings began taking shape in my mind, I knew I was looking for more than just a design to stitch.  I was looking for the concept of congregating, of togetherness,  of a gathering.  I was elated when I realized that Thread Gatherings were bringing people together to share in this wonderful art of fiber.  Much more than just a design.

But, I wanted to go a step further with this concept.  I want to bring in a young generation of stitchers, bring them together, have them spend time with each other and with us, their mentors.  Thus a series of Thread Gatherings for Young  Stitchers came to be.  

I am not totally opposed to my daughter spending time on the computer or even playing with one of the many electronic gadgets available. It's all a matter of moderation.  The best way to achieve moderation is to offer an alternative.  How do we offer these young minds and hands an appealing alternative?  We make it fun, beautiful, and enticing...  

We introduce SWEET!

SWEET is a work of art for smaller hands.  It's an introduction to needlepoint, and an introduction to bookbinding. Intended to be a First Sampler project, it is a perfect activity for birthdays, for sleep-overs, for rainy summer afternoons, and for family time. SWEET is offered for groups of 6, your youngster and five friends.  The project is an album of needlepoint samplings, beautiful, decorative, something to display and be proud of.  Each page of the album is devoted to a stitch to be learned.  A color chart of the stitch is displayed on the back of that page.  The album is then bound using delightful papers, fun and colorful stickers, and a ribbon with the sweetest beads.


Everything your burgeoning artist would need, but more important, would want, in a box. For each participant the box includes...

-  Bright, bold Overdye threads
-  6 pieces of canvas
-  Stretcher bars and tacks
-  Instruction book
-  6 colored charts
-  Needles, scissors, glue
-  Ribbon and beads
-  Accordion book parts
-  Paper to decorate with
-  Stickers and embellishments


The best part of having a SWEET Thread Gathering is to hand down something that has given you so much pleasure over the years. You are passing on the art of needlework, in a style that will speak to a younger generation, some of the old, some of the new. 


Normally Thread Gatherings kits are not sold individually. However, with such a fresh concept,  we are excited to have our readers give this kit a whirl! We are offering a limited amount of  individual kits to our readers, available for purchase on my website. Our special offer will run through July 1, and then SWEET will only be offered for sale as a set of 6.

Click here to receive:

Or click here:

For only a limited time you can purchase the individual kit  -   $45 plus S&H

WOW, I'm so glad you stayed with me for the entire story.  I am very, very excited about this one!

If you have any questions...  write to me.

Ruth Schmuff  – (June 2, 2011 at 8:07 AM)  

Orna this is awesome. Makes me wish I had a young girl to share it with. Kudos to you!!!! It's creative, it's fresh, it's fun. I could go on and on.

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