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Leaving very soon.

We leave for Israel on August 1st.   One day it was... we are going to Israel in 4 months and the next day it's... we leave in 9 days!  There never is a good time to pull away from home, work, dog, house, etc. etc.  There is so much to do, argh!

Genevieve will be here to take care of things in the studio and to watch over Esther.  (Poor Esther has had surgery on her hind leg and needs love and attention).  Any needlepoint issues you may have, Genevieve will be here to help. She will also be busy photographing for our BRAND NEW WEBSITE,  ooops I let that slip...

This is one of the most busiest times I can remember at the studio.  We have eight (8!) new projects in the works, lots of teaching for next year, lots of new needlepoint jewelry coming and lots of new concepts we are very excited about.  Nina is holding a little preview.

I'm packing work to take with me.  A very small preview of Hanging Gardens is shown on the right.  It's not nice to talk about favorites, it's like declaring you have a favorite child, therefore I won't say that this is one of my favorites designs ever.  I hope to come home with most of it done.  Between family and friends I haven't seen in three years, between private lessons I will be taking with a fantastic jewelry designer and improving my soldering skills, between excursions to see sites Nina is begging to visit, I will do my best to make great progress on this piece.

But there are 9 more days of work so... on Tuesday we will be announcing the winner of the kit for "Reid" in the family series.  Don't forget to tune in for that.  

See you soon!   
xo  Orna

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