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Tiny Corners, oh the treasures you'll find!

You guys made me feel so good with your response to my Statement Ring! I really do cherish your input, thank you for taking the time to write!  

This year I will be introducing my series: Tiny Corners.   I find that I love working on one big piece of needlepoint while making sure I have a few smaller projects going on to keep me satisfied.  I came across these beautiful, magical locket frames.  They have sweet little locks and glass on both sides.  They are perfect, PERFECT, for tiny little vignettes of needlepoint.  I bring them to you...   

While I wait for a big order of the locket frames to arrive, I just had to share them with you.  In fact, I have put them up on my website and am taking advance orders for the kits.   of course, I will be offering a nice discount for placing your orders and waiting two weeks for gratification. 
If you'd like to see more, just hope on over HERE  and HERE and HERE to check them out in more detail.
The next time you are at the doctor's office, waiting to be called into the examining room, only to find yourself waiting there some more... make sure to have one of these little projects handy.  By the time the Doc finally shows up, you will have a new piece of jewelry to show.

PS - I'm taking your advice and you'll be seeing some Statement Rings soon.

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