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A journey that starts in Philadelphia.

This year will be the 40th anniversary of ANG, The American Needlepoint Guild.  I am super excited because it is taking place here, this August, in Philadelphia. Along with the yearly Seminar and the celebrations associated with that event, there will be another very important event, a first of it's kind.  Leaders in the needleart community have come together to form a three year venture meant to bring needleart to the attention of a wider audience, composed of people who do not necessarily belong to ANG or even those who do not necessarily  do needleart.  It is aimed at artists, art collectors, fiber art enthusiasts, and the general public.  This venture begins with an amazing needlework exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, (PAA), in the beautiful Rittenhouse Square section of Philly.  The exhibit will be an art exhibit, comprised of antique samplers and of modern samplers.  It will focus on pieces from the far past, and move into highlighting the beautiful work, the modern approach found in today's work.  I have the great honor of chairing the committee in charge of this exhibit.  I have been working with some wonderful ladies, (and friends), who have a vision which I share, and we hope to make this exhibit a first of it's kind.  In addition to the exhibit there will be an auction of needlework which will take place on the opening night of the exhibit.  


This venture (which we named "A Journey with Needleart; from the past to the future"), will continue to Anaheim in 2013 and will culminate in Chicago in 2014 with a Sampler Competition!  To that end we have designed a website and a blog devoted to bringing the information and the beauty of all this to you.  Please visit both these sites and make sure to have them bookmarked on your computer.  I also urge you to consider coming to Philly to join in the festivities.  Seminar will take place at the Philadelphia convention center which is smack in the center of this wonderful city.  There is so much to do in Philadelphia, so much to see!  Bring a friend, a spouse, a child along, they will not be bored while you take classes.  It will be a blast, I promise!!

August/September in Philadelphia...THE place to be!

Sharon  – (January 22, 2012 at 8:04 PM)  

I am so glad to hear this. i was born and raised in KA a long time ago. No it is not what it use to be but I still hold a piece of my heart there. I wish you much luck and success in Philly and will be watching....

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