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A Smelly Addiction revealed!

My mother always says that the sense of smell is the strongest vehicle for a trip down memory lane.  She says that some of the strongest memories of childhood, associated with home, come from cooking smells.  I tested this on Shiri and she agreed, so many of her memories have to do with what food I prepared, especially for her. 

Another similar experience I remember, from way back, the smell inside an art supply store.  In Israel, at the beginning of every school year, we used to go get our school supplies at a small local art supply/stationary type shop.  It was the highlight of the end of my summer.  The only reason I wasn't extremely upset with going back to school.  Ahhhh, the smells of paper, of colored pencils, of oil paints, of leather bound journals.  I remember standing in the shop, in no hurry to leave, just taking it all in.  Moments of bliss, truly moments of bliss.

The Original 5 floor Pearl Paint in NYC! A treat if you get a chance...
Art supply stores are still an addiction! So much potential inside a small box of a store (or big box of a store). Every aisle, a sea of temptation! Sometimes I buy to have.  Just to have.  Sometimes I buy to make something, which may never come to fruition and then there are the times when I have a purpose, and off I go.  Every crayon, paper and pattern inspire me to think of some project that could be, should be!

Art supply stores that are situated close to an art school are the best! 
One of my favorite stores in Philadelphia
I love my Derwent watercolor pencils!

I love cross over tools.  You may find "specialty" tools in posh art supply stores priced at a premium, but upon second glance you realize, "hey, that's what my dentist uses!  At that point, go for the dentist supply stores, same tools will be much cheaper!

Clay/dental tools, very useful!

And then there is the handmade paper.......... yum.
Casa Papel, handmade paper store in my neighborhood

My smells of childhood.

tamdoll  – (July 6, 2012 at 5:41 PM)  

I was just thinking about smells today, too! Then I read your post - the thing that reminds me of going back to school is the smell of a new notebook. Maybe it was just the glue, but that's what I remember about the start of school.

A fun look at the NY shops, I will have to take my girls on our next visit. My husband always groans when I want to drag him into Chinatown for this, but I think they'll enjoy it!

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