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From a place of frustration, and a new design.

You will have to forgive my mood this morning.  I could keep this to myself, but you have been my sounding board for so long, I feel a need to write this down.  
I've been feeling frustrated and a bit frantic for quite a while.  It's the balance between being able to design and create and the need to do all the rest.  I don't get enough time to do the former and spend so much time doing the latter.  My head is swarming with ideas, and not just the ones that are sort of general, not concrete, fleeting.  I have so many specific, thought out, sketched or started ideas and I just can't set aside enough time to execute them.  The only way to be able to get to these endeavors at the rate I would like, would be to put aside the charting, the writing, the kitting, the teaching.  Do I really want to do that?  I've never considered myself to be the kind of artist who creates for myself, not concerned with the public, not concerned with the connection to the world, not interested in sharing what I discover.  That's not me, I need to be a part of what's going on outside my studio, I want my work to reach others, I want to have mutual connections. I just can't make the balance work and I don't see the way out.  
One of the reasons I'm writing this today is that I have a new design, put the very last stitches in it this morning.  And I love this moment!  I love seeing a vision come to fruition.  I just wish I could have more of these moments.  Many more.

My new piece: THE HOUSE I BUILT
Size: 7" x 6.25"


New with this piece is my use of small intricate polymer clay pieces, (the small round shapes in blue and in yellow).  I've connected with some very talented polymer clay artists and even commissioned some pieces replicating some of my designs. The Scissor Fob/Key Chain below is new in my shop.  It's embellished with silver beads and has a very neat wire ring for attaching to your keys or scissors.

Scissor Fob/Key Chain can be purchased here

I thank you for "listening" today.   Perhaps it is all just a MONDAY thing and I'll be all better tomorrow?


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