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Scissors by design, how sweet it is!

Have you seen the Gingher designer scissor series?  I'm not huge on "cute" but these melt my heart.  For years now Gingher has come out with scissors that have decorated tops.  Every few months a new design comes out and they all have names!  They are collectables, these delightful ladies.  Gingher comes out with a certain amount of each design and when they are gone, they are gone.

Look at SARAH

TESSA just sold out :-(
BIANCA sounds like she's come from Eastern Europe
These are SONIA
ELENA is quite avant-garde
We have been carrying them for the past few months and I've just come back from picking up the new lady in town... Emily.  Welcome sweetie!

You will find Emily on our website.  
If you'd like to sign up to get a pair as they come out, send me a note and I'll add you to our list of Gingher collectors.  Signing up for the series will give you a 15% discount on each pair!  Cool? Cool!

BTW, they come in 4" embroidery, 5" sewing, 8" dress making. 

Check them out...HERE!

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