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New design, next phase.

It's morning in Philly and we are fine.  We never lost electricity and the 100 year old brick factory building in which we live did not give us much clue as to what was happening outside.  Things are calmer and later in the day we will venture out.

Since electricity did not fail, I completed the charting of The House I Built. When I say completed, I mean first draft.  Now the threads, beads, canvas and instructions head off to my wonderful proof stitchers.  They stitch the piece and send me all their comments, suggestions and corrections.  Only then, after I've made all the necessary adjustments, do I offer the new design to you, my friends.

I always have various projects in various states of completion.  So while The House I Built may be going out to my stitchers, there are projects that are now moving up in the process.  I'm just finishing my new silk gauze design: The Village I Built.  While finishing the stitching, I've also been charting,  so I'm hoping it will be ready to go off to some trusty stitching fingers soon.  Here is a glimpse of this new design, but just a glimpse...

How have you fared the storm? Have you been able to stitch?
I hope you are all safe and I send you many good thoughts!


Anonymous –   – (October 31, 2012 at 7:56 AM)  

Hi Orna. Glad to hear you're okay. Me and mine made it okay. The eye passed right over us, and winds after scared the bejeebers out of us in the early morning. But big old trees stayed upright and nothing flew off the house.
-Lynn Burshtin in southern NJ

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