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Musical brilliance!

In the times of holiday concerts, the one we are most excited about is at Nina's school, GAMP.  This is a public magnet school, with a very big emphasis on music, classical, jazz, music theory, choir, and more and more.  The children are expected to keep up their academic grades and when they are absent from a lesson because of one or another of the above activities, it is their responsibility to complete what they missed.  Quite remarkable.  No wonder the concerts at this school are phenomenal! 
The kids along with past students who just happened to be in the audience, are singing Handel's Messiah.  PHENOMENAL!! 

The entire school crowds the front, the aisles, the back of their wonderful concert hall and sing for us!
Today we are off to see Nina play her saxophone in a few smaller ensembles.  Can't wait!

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