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Look what I dug up...

I finally went into the guest bedroom to get it ready for an important visit!  My mother and niece will be coming from Israel next week, and we will all celebrate Hanukkah together.  It will be nice to have family with us for the season.  

The guest room is also my overflow room, all the needlepoint pieces that aren't on the walls or traveling as trunk shows.  Digging through this stuff is fun, and every once in awhile I fall upon forgotten treasures.  

This Menorah was a project I did for HGTV, The Carol Duvall Show many years ago.  It's done on brass mesh which has held up very well, color and all.  I can't find the instructions for it but I will definitely bring it out for the holiday.  

The other piece is an ornament from my book, My Point Exactly.  I love the shape of this piece, and it seems such a perfect tree ornament, reminiscent of a glass ornament. 

In honor of this "find", I am offering the book with a special addition...  for every order of My Point Exactly, you will receive a FREE Shimmering Jewels Earring Kit, complete with everything you need to make yourself a holiday treat! No need to mention anything on your order, we will automatically add the gift for the next two weeks!

Shimmering Jewels Earring Kit

... and now back to fishing for treasures in our guest bedroom...

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