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The House I Built - New Design for you!

The House I Built is a new piece.  It was a challenging design but one that brought me much enjoyment.  It did not come about in a conventional way, no starting from the middle, no symmetry, no family of colors.  This one grew step by step, brick by brick, so to speak.  Each element of the house comes with a meaning, a significance.  There is a combination of rectangular shapes, angular lines side by side with circular and curvy elements.  The stability and the dreamer.  The bearing walls and the curvy corners.  Nothing is just one thing, it's a mix, it's a contradiction, it's harmony.

The design uses 19 threads, mostly silks.  I've also added some beautiful polymer clay beads which are attached to the canvas.  The beads come in many colors and because they are all handmade, I can't promise which colors you will receive, but you definitely will receive ones that match the colors in the design.   

The design is stitched on 18 count mono canvas.  The finished piece is 7"x6.25"
The complete kit is $120 and the instruction book alone is $33.

I think you will love stitching this piece.  I promise never a dull moment!

You will find the kit HERE.

Elsa Mora  – (January 10, 2013 at 10:04 PM)  

You make me want to start embroidering right now!

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