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20 years is no laughing matter!

It's our anniversary today; Reid and I have been married for 20 years!  20 years, WOW!  Pretty amazing, the thing about how time flies and how it was just like yesterday.  We have been extraordinarily lucky.  I won't go on to the long list, (you may remember, I'm superstitious - See HERE),  however I did want to share a card we received first thing this morning.  

We are very lucky...

PS - in case the writing is too small... it says:
Dear Parents,
All of our love, gratitude and warm wishes on this very special day.  Our marriage would not be possible without yours...
In celebration of your achievement, we would like to treat you to a romantic afternoon filled with modern art.  Please arrive at 4:30 pm at the entrance to MoMA...  There you will be joined by your guide for the evening.  Your dinner reservations are at 6:30 at the Modern...
Dress sharp!
Shiri, Orin & Nomi

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