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Try them on? too cool.

I've always loved glasses.  I remember clearly sitting in a movie theater when I was about 21. One minute I saw it all clear as day and the next... things got fuzzy.  From that day I've worn glasses, then contact lenses and now back to glasses.  Many a frame have come and gone.  Frames have become so expensive, and then adding the lenses, with a bit of anti-glare, one needs to dip into an IRA to afford a nice pair. 

Imagine my surprise when I found this:  WARBY PARKER.  Just the name makes you feel you are about to be invited to Gatsby's home for a garden party.  You can order frames you like, have them shipped to you for try on, and then ship them back if you don't like them, all for free!! They are much more affordable than what we usually pay, and the most fun is the virtual try-on. OMG!!

You webcam a photo of yourself, I decided to take a photo in my least flattering self, no make-up, no fixing hair, just me on a regular morning.  If the glasses looked OK on my looking like that, there was a chance they would look even better if I made a small effort.  I've just ordered 5 (!!) pairs for home try-on, they should arrive in 5 days.

Wanna laugh?  Here are the webcam photos of me trying on a couple of frames...

The bad news?  I just spent a whole hour messing around!

Pam in IL  – (May 2, 2013 at 8:48 AM)  

My daughter was just talking about another website that does that. Hope the glasses work out for you. Thanks for sharing the pics too, lol.

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