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What have I been designing lately?

I am always working on at least 2 designs simultaneously.  I need to go back and forth to keep my mind fresh and in addition to new needlepoint designs, I'm also usually beading or wire-working something as well.  I don't think it's short attention span, I think it's just too much in my head that wants to get out through my hands and fingers. 
Anyway... here are a few things I'm working on -

A new sampler on 40 count silk gauze
New colorways for one of my ANG Chicago seminar classes
A new design I painted on congress cloth inspired by a piece of Japanese handmade paper

I don't stitch during the day.  That's when I do charting, writing, sending orders, etc.  I stitch in the evenings, starting around 8-9:00  and go for a few hours.  Sometimes if I'm really tired I will find myself dozing off, needle in hand and on special occasions I will even find a few strange stitches on the canvas that must have been done while I was semi asleep/awake.  How strange is that!

Pam in IL  – (May 21, 2013 at 6:44 PM)  

I think I've dozed off while stitching before too, lol. Your new designs are lovely.

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