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A letter to you.

My window sills are blooming with orchids and cacti
Good morning!  It's the first week of summer vacation here.  Nina will be turning 12 in a couple of weeks, going into 7th grade next year.  Some of you remember her as a toddler, a tiny, very cute toddler.  She is now a teenager, a beautiful, thoughtful, and very creative young person. 

When she was much younger I remember trying to keep her busy and "doing" as much as possible all through the summer.  When both my girls were very young I knew I would be full-time busy with them over the summer.  I forgot, (as I have with many other aspects of child rearing), that they need just as much attention, care and supervision as they grow older.  In fact, I am reminded, they actually need more.  A tub of building blocks and a juice box just don't cut it anymore.  The older they get the more they need presence, watchfulness and lots of chatting time.  What am I leading to? I have been a bit absent from you all, here on the blog, and I wanted to explain why.  I don't want to seem as if I'm floating in and out of your lives, with no rhyme or reason.  This is the reason and I really appreciate your understanding.

On to another matter... I am quite ashamed of having found a few errors on one of my new cuff charts :(  My very dear friend and best proof stitcher in the world, Kathy, did not get to see this instruction manual. She is so kind with her time and I didn't want to abuse it, but after this cuff issue, I'm going to have to go back and abuse it!  Do you hear me Kathy?  If you ordered a kit of my new "Flower Cuff", please write to me and I will send you the corrections. 
I am leaving for our trip to Israel soon and therefore need to send out all the models for the ANG 2014 Seminar before I leave.  I will also be teaching an ANG Cyberworkshop and those models need to be sent out as well.  Stitch stitch stitch along with Wimbledon tennis is actually nice.  Most of this is done in the wee hours of the night.  Anyone else stitching to the sounds of balls hitting racquets or grunts of certain tennis pros?  
Each of the orchids has re-bloomed and I am very proud of them!
Lastly, I promised a sale before I leave.  You will hear all about it by the end of the week.

Enjoy your week, my friends!


Anonymous –   – (June 27, 2013 at 10:16 AM)  

Orna: I understand completely! Enjoy the little one(s) while they're still little. And have a great trip to Israel (and a safe return).
--Lynn in southern NJ (still stitching away, on and off, on "My City, My Skyline"!)

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