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New design for ANG 2014...

I've mentioned before that I will be teaching three classes at the Chicago ANG Seminar in 2014.  One of them is a fab-u-lo-so color class.  I've designed a new piece for the class, this is the piece we will stitch as an interpretation of our color photograph.  I'm almost done with my second colorway sample so I just had to show you!  I'm loving the piece, it is very, very, very fun to stitch.  In fact, if I have the time before I leave for Israel, I may try one more colorway.

It amazes me every time, the same design in different colors gives the piece an entirely different look, mood, sensibility.  Please join me in this class, although I must warn you,  it is addictive!
Enjoy your weekend!

lewmew  – (June 21, 2013 at 6:16 PM)  

Absolutely breathtaking!!!!!

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