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Why can't we have these??

List of things that bring to mind the question...  Why can't we have these??

1.  Pango - a service that lets you pay for street parking, parking lot parking, gas stations and car washes via an application on your smart phone.  Example: yesterday I took my mother to the doctor.  I found a parking space in the busy city, parked, called a code on my cell phone and after the prompt, said the name of the city I parked in.  That's it, I had started my parking meter.  This was good for 2 hours, but 15 minutes before my time is up I get a reminder on my cell.  So I press the code again, and two more hours are added.  I didn't even see my car, didn't need to run across town to get to it, just a cell phone away.  Yesterday the appointment went very quickly, so as we left the office, I dialed the code again and the parking meter stopped!  No 1/2 hour increments, real time!  Why can't we have these??

2.  Rooftop solar water tanks - for as long as I can remember, hot water in Israel came from the rooftop water tanks.  They aren't a very beautiful site, but they use energy that is there, the sun, and voila, hot water in the shower.  On cold winter days, you turn on an electric heating element that heats up the water taking over the sun's job.  Very little electricity used, very efficient, so much friendlier!  Why can't we have these??

3. Toilets with #1 and #2 options - I  know, it's not something I expected to talk about, but it struck me that every single toilet I've seen here, no matter how simple or fancy, has two options for flushing; a short flush for #1 and a longer, stronger one for #2.  Every single toilet I've seen here!  Why can't we have these??

4.  and back to doctor appointments - my mother hasn't been feeling well.  She called her doctor's office, the doctor answered the phone.  No, I don't mean after pressing 1 for this and pressing 2 for that, I don't mean after she was interogated by the receptionist, I don't mean at the end of the day after all the patients left, I mean my mother called, the doctor answered.  It happened again later the same day and the next morning as well.  Just like that.  Why can't we have this??

Today I'm taking a class in metal wire knitting.  I'll let you know how it went.  Miss you all!

Kevin  – (July 31, 2013 at 3:02 AM)  

Wow! Interesting post - and I agree with you whole-heartedly. What are we doing wrong here that we aren't utilizing more solar power and conserving energy? And the doctor answering the phone -- well, that just about floored me. I can't even get a doctor to return a call -- EVER -- but answer the phone? Fugeddaboutit! The app for parking meters also sounds like something that could surely be implemented here, right? How convenient is that!? Enjoy your class, and thanks for sharing these interesting ideas!

Carolyn  – (August 5, 2013 at 6:54 AM)  

You can have all those things--just move there!

Orna Willis  – (August 6, 2013 at 8:54 PM)  

Thanks! Still miss home though...

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