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A brief list of random thoughts.

A brief list of random thoughts:

1.  Tomorrow I join 17 others to take a journey into their color worlds.  This two day class is always an amazing experience for me. 

It usually begins with a room full of faces that seem apprehensive, unsure, skeptical and at times downright pouting.  I completely understand, they have decided to trust me and join a class that promises to teach color but refuses to use a color wheel.  A class for which preparation is to collect stones, feathers, fabric, beads, paper, inspired by a magazine photograph.  Weird. 

It usually ends with a room full of excited, confident, open and at times downright jubilant faces.  What more can a teacher ask for?

2.  Overnight, (I swear it happened overnight), Nomi decided to try out the terrible twos. She must have got her hands on some sort of Parenting book and she turned into a walking NO! machine.  What I love about this?  As a parent I would probably be crying, as a grandparent it makes me laugh.  She is so cute when she yells NO!

3.  Nina has a new love; Folk dancing.  She discovered it in Jerusalem this past summer.  Right outside the stone walls of the Old City we came across a large group of adults dancing to folk music from all over the world.  Most of these people were our age and older, and seemed to be familiar with the dances and the beautiful music.  I noticed Nina moving to the music.  Next thing, there she was, grabbing hands on both sides and joining into the circle of dancers.  Her head down watching the feet of her neighbors she danced so beautifully and effortlessly, catching on to the steps at record speed.  She was glowing.  So, we came back home and I looked into finding a folk dancing group she could dance with and found one in Philadelphia.  During the summer months they dance outside, on the upper terrace of the Art Museum, at the top of the Rocky steps.  It's beautiful out there and with the folk music in the air and my daughter dancing with such elegance, it is quite the view!

4. I've been noticing plaid in fashion everywhere.  So I went investigating and Googled plaid fashion 2014.  I was right, it's a trend. 

Which made me feel that my design Contemporary Tartan was a trail blazer!

5. I noticed the plaid when I went looking for some nice dresses for Nina.  Being 12, going on 13, she has a year full of Bat and Bar Mitzvahs to go to, which posses a problem when you have a tomboy daughter who HATES dresses.  



Nina might go for plaid in a dress, making it less "girlie". These are just a few examples, (Free People).  I've brought home and taken back unprecedented numbers of dresses for her to try on, with no luck.  I'm about to head out the door for my next return/search expedition.  I need to make it fast so I can complete my packing for the workshop I'm giving tomorrow. (See 1.)

We'll talk soon!

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