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What an amazing weekend I had!

Up in the beautiful area of Syracuse, New York, with a group of wonderful stitchers who were anxious to learn, listen and share, my weekend was a blast.

We studied and stitched GAYLE.

You see those gorgeous monsters inside the Jessicas?  Those nasty, beautiful, challenging but rewarding woven centers? I was not a favorite person for the first few hours of the workshop when teaching how to accomplish those little round lovelies.  With the growling came many a laugh, which made it hurt much less...

See... they are all smiling at the end of the workshop!

Even Kathy, (the most gracious host in all of Northern America), 
who wouldn't let me take her picture, is smiling!

The weekend was so amazing it even made me forget the lady who, upon my arrival to Syracuse, ran into me because she wasn't interested in stop signs, and banged up my car.  

Pat W-S –   – (November 5, 2013 at 6:50 PM)  

We had a great week-end with you! Can you come back in a couple of weeks?!? Stitching on a beautiful piece, tips, laughter, good food, a little stash enhancement - what else is there?!

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