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I need to have air circulation, I hate having stacks of stuff on the floor, and I love to see clear surfaces.

HA! Not happening!  See what I mean???

You can see how bad things have gotten in these two photos - 

Circa 2011

Circa NOW!

We need room!!

SO we start with a little FLASH Sale.  

Our Nightshade Cuff and Ocean Cuff are both on sale. 

While supplies last we are offering them at 25% off = $30 each.    

Check out our Etsy site for the cuffs along with some new Color Conversation Kits.   

Thank you!

Anonymous –   – (December 11, 2013 at 7:14 AM)  

Hello--Do you have any information on the table with the drawers in the pictures labeled "Circa 2011"?

I gotta have it!

Off to check out your sale!

Carol S.

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