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Understanding a design's progression.

I seldom remember to document the progress of a design, so I'm going to make the effort to remember with this number.  Stitching is something I try to do daily, but it's not always possible.  Many days, by the time I get to my stitching time, after 8:00 in the TV room, I am too tired.  But the truth is that there are periods when it's a matter of mood.  I just can't bring myself to pick up the stretcher bars.  I'm not inspired, I'm not "feeling" it.  I've just gone through a period of not being able to stitch.  I couldn't force myself, and I shouldn't force myself.  I've decided I always need to pickup the canvas with anticipation and excitement.  It must be a must!  Well, it's back and as the magic 8:00 pm hour comes around I get excited.  
Progress on a new design is slow.  I am never, ever, too lazy to tear something out when I'm not happy with it.  I don't care how much work it is to tear out, or how much progress I've made.  I want to feel that every new section is "right" before I move on.  

First stage of design

Second stage of design

Sometimes I don't like how the next step looks but I can feel the difference between: it's NEVER going to look good,  or:  it may not look good now but with the next steps I have in mind, it will fall into place.  That's how I felt with this piece when I added the green diagonal braids.  I had a feeling that with the green Jessicas I added on either side of the diagonal braids, being that they were symmetrical, they would turn the side sections of these squares into significant parts of the design, rather than just endings of the central section. 

We are going away tomorrow for the rest of the year. I will be taking this piece with me, as well as my camera, and I will document my progress.

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