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Colour from Canada.

Recently, while cruising on Etsy, I came across this shop:

Of course I stopped to stare at the colors of these fabulous fibers, read about the owner and then felt compelled to write to her and ask about possibilities of using her threads in my designs.  We decided that she would send me a sampling of her different threads and I would get a chance to play with them and decide if they were right for me.  

Yummy!  Within a week I had a small package from Lorraine in Canada and in it were these lovely threads!

Just take a look at the colors, the combinations, the beauty of the contrasts.  Lorraine does mostly one-of-a-kind dying, your thread will be like no other.  I decided to try the fibers and establish my feelings for them.  

Here is some playing with one of the cotton blends on 40 count silk gauze.

Can I stay away from new threads that coming out these days and keep to what I'm playing with already?  I think not!

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