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What have I been up to, you ask?

Busy with this and that, organization in the studio, paperwork for some Cyberworkshops I'll tell you about very soon.

I bought a new/old mirror that works perfectly on a narrow strip of wall in the loft.  It's about 7 ft. tall and has the worn out look to match the other elements of the building.

Remember that new design I was telling you about back here and here? It hasn't disappeared.  It's in the computer stage.  I've been working on the Master Chart which is where I always start.  The individual charts stem from the main one.  

Next I sourced the AMAZING frames in orange, green and white. They are a heavy solid resin and painted in strong matte colors. I'm working on some ideas for a perfectly sized piece of needlepoint.

I've started cooking for Passover.  Yes, I know it's early, but freezing chicken soup for two weeks only makes it better!  Tonight I'll make a few of my turkey-loaves, which are, seriously, the bomb!  (Sauté chopped up mushrooms, onions and shallots, once they cool down add them to the ground turkey along with spices, some fine chopped fresh herbs and a couple of eggs. The mushrooms promise to prevent the turkey meat from being dry, it works like a charm.  Then shape the loaves, roll them in Panko if it's a regular day and in broken small pieces of Matzah if it's Passover. In a hot pan with a bit of oil sear the loaves on all sides.  It makes the outside crispy and keeps the inside moist.  Shove the lot in the oven and when the inside of the loaf is absolutely positively cooked thru and thru, take out and serve. Or freeze).

and then I'm also doing some mundane dusting.  I love this little guy, one of Shiri's past birthday gifts to me.  The glaze color is wonderful!

and that's what I've been up to.  And you?

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