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So much to show!!!

Lots of wonderful new items, new designs, new fun!!

VICTORY GARDEN!  Finally, the design I  have stitched along with you, (here, here, here), is ready for you!  Two wonderful colorways, interesting threads, (even Memory Thread), used in this very intricate design.  The size of the design is 9"x 9" and is stitched on 18 count mono canvas.  

A shout out to Jane of Chilly Hollow:  
You are the inspiration for the Tiki Colorway name... THANKS!!

The design is offered as a complete kit, ($132) or as an instruction book only, ($40).  You can find them both on our ETSY shop HERE.

Next we have another new design: THE VILLAGE I BUILT.  Remember this one?  Well, it was supposed to be taught at the ANG Chicago Seminar but instead I am offering it to all and now!

This delicate beauty is stitched on 40 count silk gauze.  Wait!  please don't panic!  It really isn't hard with the right magnifying apparatus.  This little treasure is worth it, it is quite striking and framed correctly, even though it's small, it can be quite the focal point!

This design is offered as a complete kit, including the mounted silk gauze, ($135), or as instructions only ($35).  This too can be found on the ETSY site HERE.

and lastly... drum roll...

Wonderful fiber and embellishment story packages, that tell a color story, a textural, nuanced, beautiful story!  The packages include 15 skeins of fiber: one Watercolours overdye, one Waterlilies overdye, 2 lovely skeins of variegated threads and 11 skeins of exquisite perle silk.  The silk skeins are from my one of my favorite companies, Planet Earth.  These are cousins to the stranded silks I offer. They are called Pepper Pot, how cute is that?

AND!  for every order you place of a story package you place, you receive a free design, complete instructions for FOUR SEASONS.  

FREE DESIGN!! Four Seasons
This design lends itself to color stories, as you can see in the photo.  You can stitch each story separately or stitch four stories together.  The instructions include how to stitch the four as well.
In addition to the threads you will get a wonderful array of coordinated embellishments: crystals, pearls, semi precious stones, glass beads.  Each package comes with a focal bead or stone, a real knock-your-socks-off kind of embellishment.

These packages are offered at $65 each for all the threads and embellishments and come with the free design.  The first batch of stories is on our ETSY shop HERE and now!!

Whew!!  so much to show!!

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