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Samburu has arrived!

Winter Wheat
Samburu. It's a small jewel, one of my most satisfying designs, one of my most beautiful pieces of stitched needlepoint jewelry. It's now ready and looking for a home...

The great thing about this kit is that it really is a fast stitch! It's not boring fast, it's got lots of variety and a remarkable array of fibers. The instructions for the kit, particularly the finishing, are extremely detailed, extremely precise, very easy to follow, you will be in good hands. You will learn how to bead, make tassels, finish a needlepoint piece, all skills that will stay with you for future pieces.

You can stitch a Samburu as a gift for the holidays for a friend, a daughter, a mother. You can stitch one for yourself. And when you are ready to wear the necklace out, you only need a simple turtleneck or a solid color button down shirt, place your Samburu around your neck, and you will look oh so very elegant.


The design comes in three colorways: Winter Wheat, Peacock and Rainbow. The kit includes everything you need!! 18 count canvas, silks, metallics, a wonderful assortment of pearls, beads, metal findings, Ultrasuede.

The cost of the kit is: $132 and it can be found in our ETSY shop. 

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