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You have heard so much about it... Here it was!

The flowers are being picked up and will be arranged in little vases.
If you get a shipment of threads with a bit of wine, will you complain? Just kidding!!  My studio is a hub central.
The jazz band warming up.

Caterers are prepping, things are looking yummy and smelling to die for!!
The room is alive!
I love how the runners are laid in different directions.
Each table is very similar but really nothing is the same.
At first I didn't think I wanted candles, but they looked lovely along the window sills.

The menu...  so good!

The doorbell rings...
Beginning to arrive...
See my threads peeking out from the right?

Wine in hand, chit chatting away.
Beverages are poured

Scrapbook  pages laid out and guests write wishes for Nina.
Reid giving a wonderfully funny and touching speech.

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