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2015 is the year of YES, I can!

Over the years I have taken jewelry making/ metalsmithing classes.  Starting back in my Michigan days, and then every time I visited Israel, I would treat myself to lessons and studio time.  Oh what fun I had, how fascinating and fulfilling the process was for me.  Still, it scared me.  I have never believed I could make metal jewelry, saw, solder, anneal and texturize on my own.  Since my first lesson, 18 years ago, I've never trusted my ability to create on my own.

Up until 2015.  I decided to give myself a New Year's gift, so I bought a jewelers bench, tools and accessories and set up a little corner in my studio, where I can go at it on my own.  I'm scared, intimidated, but adamant about succeeding!

My new setup...

Starting with butane torches, I'm a bit afraid of the "real" thing :)

Giving myself little refreshers on bezel mounting.

and on prong settings

and on ring making.

It's slow, but I'm loving it!!

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