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I'm just not there.

Thinking about life.  

I've been hearing a lot about downsizing from friends my age, (57), and older.  I've been hearing talk of not wanting to buy new stuff, such as furniture, collectables, clothing.  Wanting to rid closets of anything not worn in the past year, or anything you had hoped to fit back into.  Looking to move into smaller living spaces, with fewer bedrooms, fewer bathrooms.  Essentials, just the essentials.  

I'm not there.  

I know less consumption is better for the environment, and it's probably indicative of better values, i.e. what's important can not be bought with money.  I know that we tire of stuff, it looses it's appeal once it's been around for awhile.  How many pairs of boots can one wear in a winter?  How many pairs of earrings are excessive? Tired of looking at that 10 year old coffee table?  That doesn't mean you need a new one. It's in perfect shape and it does it's duties!  

I'm just not there.

I'm still consuming, still collecting, still being tempted by the ever changing offerings of new merchandise in stores and online.  I may be more aware of the fleeting sense of excitement I get from the purchase, or even look harder for bargains knowing that this may not be the only white blouse I have in my closet.  But I still WANT!

And since we are in confession mode, here are some things I wouldn't mind owning...

a good source for music in the house!  
a polishing bench Lathe to get that mirror finish

a new upgrade sax for Nina, (they are so darn expensive)

We have a beautiful wood bed but it's so high we need to come
on to it running and make some Olympic worthy jumps to get up onto it.
I want low!  And fabric headboard!

There, I confessed!

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