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and the story continues...

They are together again.  How do you explain it? The connection that comes from a different place, somewhere of another world.  They are together again.

From my post back in 2012:
When Nina came home from Cambodia for the first time, her cousin, Yuval, was there waiting for her.  They were only three months apart in age and they immediately bonded.  The two little ones could not be more different; for obvious reasons, (see photos), and also in character.  Nina was like a hurricane, she would sweep into a room and grab everything in her sight.  Yuval was like a gentle breeze, much calmer, slower, softer.  When the girls were three we moved to Philadelphia and Yuval moved to Israel.  Since then they meet in the summers and pick up where they left off.  As the years go by, in some ways, they move apart, leading their own lives in different parts of the world with different important people in their lives.  But in a very basic way they are still the two little girls, playing side by side, knowing a sense of calm from having a soul mate at their side.

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