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Managing time and the MUST HAVE collection...

This summer, for me, has been one of constant attempts to get back in control of my time.  It has not been a bad summer, not at all, but I have had a sense of grabbing at disappearing goals, ones that fly by with much too much speed.  It feels a bit frustrating, and it gives me a very large dose of guilt. Last week we brought our Yuval to the airport, and she is back in her mommy's hands. The next day we left for the Delaware shore to be with Shiri and family.  What a wonderful time; relaxing and laughing with kids and grandkids.

Arriving back yesterday, I am devoting today to getting back on track. I am still trying to grab at these floating by goals, but now when I grab and open my hands, they are not empty!

First order of business: they are here, beautiful, yummy and inspirational!  September's Must Have Fibers ready to quench your color thirst.

The fibers for September are new and stunning.  Each part of the collection comes in it's own clear box. The complete collection consists of 11 boxes, in each box you will find 8 silk skeins, from The Pure Palette, their Baroque Silk group, and 6 skeins of lovely overdye cottons, a total of 14 skeins.

The Baroque Silk 15 yard skeins are pliable to 3 strands for 18 count, and can continue to be split into 9 perfect-for-silk-gauze strands.  What I love about this thread is that no matter how much you split it, the sheen, that rich amount of light it brings with it, does not dull! These threads are a new addition to my repertoire, once you see them you too will be taken by how "alive" they are!

The other threads which come in each box are color coordinated cotton Perle 5 overdyes.  They compliment the silks, and combine them together.  Use the fibers in each box on any design and you are assured to have a beautiful color story!  I have collected the cotton Perle threads from various sources, to give you the most perfect complimentary combinations.

Each box has 14 skeins, the total collection has 154 skeins, NO DUPLICATES), and is offered at $520 at our SHOP.

To top off this offering, place an order for this collection and you can use our new discount code for 35% off of the Ultimate Ultrasuede Collection!  Place your order for the threads first and then add the Ultrasuede along with the code: ULTRA

In addition to the 11 box collection, we are also offering a Chef's Tasting Collection, two boxes with a collection of Baroque Silk that is very unique.  I have gathered colors that have something in common... they may seem innocent, but they are great flavorings for any color story.  Each box has 16 skeins of silk, a total of 32 skeins for $120.  You can buy these at the SHOP.


I hope you love this month's collection as much as I do, and have as much fun stitching with these beauties as I did putting them together for you!


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