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Thank you so much!

Your response to my October collection has been phenomenal, I am so appreciative.  It is such a pleasure for me to curate and prepare these collections and when you love them it is very satisfying!

I have added 3 more combinations to the collection...

 Don't forget the discount code, it will allow you a 20% off price for these combinations: Collecting.

Today I am off to see Ruben and Nomi.  Ruben will be 2 years old next month, they grow up so very fast!  He and I have a shared love of construction toys.  The two of us can spend endless amounts of time on the living room rug building legendary structures.  Have you seen the magnetic construction toys that are ever so popular?  Ruben and Nomi have magnetic tiles that allow you to put together shapes and imaginary houses.  Today I will bring him a new magnetic building toy, we will have loads of fun, I know!

Have a lovely day!

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