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What a great weekend!

Coming back from Binghamton, after teaching a fun workshop with some lovely stitchers, I had a 4.5 hour drive to contemplate how lucky I am, (tfu tfu tfu).  Over the years I have made some wonderful friends at my workshops all over the world.  Yes, I said world.  Yvonne Close in England who, back in the summer of 2005, had me come and teach a few of my designs to her customers and who was generous enough to put all three of us up, (Reid, Nina and myself). What a time we had! She had a big birthday party for Nina, we met her family and bonded with Yvonne and Stephen, her husband.  I am grateful for that friendship.

Nina and Yvonne's handsome grandson in Stephen and Yvonne's gorgeous garden.
Yvonne holding on to Nina as she feeds the swans.
I look through my photos and marvel at how many wonderful people attended my workshops and how I am excited to see them every time we meet again.  On that note I want to thank Joann and Ginny, the organizers of this workshop, who not only took great care of me, but also made me laugh all weekend long!

Hi to the ladies of EGA Binghamton, NY!

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