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Tissue please!

If you could hear me now...  I got back from my visit to Israel after flight cancellations and delays, only to get sick and crawl into bed the next day!  I'm feeling a bit better today, but still sounding pretty nasty.
How have you guys been?

November's Thread Collection is in it's final stages of preparation!  This month I am investigating one color in a multitude of hues and different textures.  Purple you say? How about purple in velvet and in a glitzy ribbon?  Or maybe you would like to mix it up with a silk overdye and a little cotton Perle?  You will get the chance to use 14 different fibers in each bundle.  FUN!!

So, I will take the weekend to make sure I am all better and then I will put the final touches on packaging the fibers, (you know what a sucker I am for packaging).  After that, November's collection will be there for you to adore!

So glad to be back with you!


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