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What happens when you go back home?

I'm here at my parent's home. I arrived on Saturday and spent the first 2 days like a newborn; awake for 2 hours, asleep for 2 hours. When I come here on my own, without Reid or Nina, it is a bit like going back in time.  In part I belong, but in part I don't. In part I'm an adult but in part I'm a teenager who has regressed to not making her bed and bringing the dishes as far as the sink.  

To prove my point, on the second afternoon my mother and I walked across the street to the mall. We walked into a jewelry store to get my watch band adjusted and my eyes caught a display of studs used for ear piercing.  I could feel that 15 year old pushing her way through my body and saying... "I want a second piercing in my right ear!" My mother turned to me and said, "Really? Which earrings would you choose?"  That was it!  I got permission and I felt the type of excitement that I hadn't felt in 43 years, (can you do the math?).  We chose the earring, my ear was marked and in a few seconds I felt the jab.  Then my mother paid for the earring and together we walked out of the store.

What a delightful time-machine experience!  It's what happens when you go back home.

Sitting in my mother's kitchen, like old times...

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