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Cool storage for you too!

You all know me by now, know my addiction to presentation.  That includes, of course, how I store my supplies here at the studio and how I send orders out to you.  Storing beads can be tricky, especially if you like looking at them and marveling at their beauty.

I'm now offering the same glass vials and matching acrylic boxes I use for your please, so you too can store your seed beads.  These are 5/8 drams each, which is about 4 - 4.5 oz of seed beads, (this varies depending on the weight of the seed beads).  9 vials fit in the acrylic box perfectly!  You can order multiples of 9, with a big discount.  Check it all our HERE!!

Store them in groupings of size or color, they are very attractive!

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