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Quick deal!

The last of the October Fiber Collections are being offered at a lovely discount! $10 off each of the remaining bundles, making it $55 for 12 gorgeous silk skeins/spools.  That's CRAZY!  In most cases there is only one bundle left, so don't let them slip away!

Coupon Code: SEPT#5 HERE

Coupon Code: SEPT#15 HERE

Coupon Code: SEPT#4 HERE

 Coupon Code: SEPT#1 HERE

Coupon Code: SEPT#9 HERE

Coupon Code: SEPT#2 HERE

Coupon Code: SEPT#13 HERE

Coupon Code: SEPT#7  HERE

Coupon Code: SEPT#10 HERE

Coupon Code: SEPT#8 HERE

Coupon Code: SEPT#11 HERE

Coupon Code: SEPT#14 HERE

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