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I don't like saying goodbye.

My visit is coming to an end.  I'm counting down and I don't like the prospect of saying goodbye. I've been meaning to share these photos with you, I took them on Friday at around 2pm, as the bustle of getting ready for Shabbat was winding down.  People are making their last purchases for the weekend, whether food or newspapers/magazines for the weekend read.
Buying ready made food is still not customary here.  Most of the cooking is done in the home kitchen unless going out to a restaurant.  But in the past 10 years or so, one can buy ready made, home made food.  The malls are lined with tables and on them huge pots filled with amazingly delicious dishes. The dishes are made by the person standing behind the table.
There are tables and shelves of pastries and sweets, as well as bread, (particularly Challah) stacked high, (although these photos show the stacks lowering quickly).

Logs of Halva, a sweet delicious treat made from sesame seeds.  It comes with nuts, or chocolate, or fudge, very decadent! 

You can tell it's midday by the large basins of food that are emptying.

A shot from above.  Look at that fruit!!
I wish you could have smelled the spices...

I'll be back next week, a little sad but happy to be home.

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