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My Shiri

If you've been reading my blog you have been introduced to my daughters, Shiri and Nina.  

Shiri is my eldest.  She was born in Israel and at 5 months I began raising her as a single mother.  For the next 12 years she and I created a bond of mother-daughter that was so strong, so brave and complete. We loved each other's company, we enjoyed the same things, and we understood and reacted to the world in very similar ways.  Shiri has always had a unique ability to be fun and wacky while still being responsible and mature.  She was easy to mother, I just had to follow her lead.  When she was 12, Reid came into our lives and Shiri made room for him, and yet the bond she and I had stayed strong, it did not change.  We continue to be very close.  I have watched her become a wife, a mother, a career woman and I admire how beautifully she chooses to live each of these parts of her life.  

There is one part of her life which I selfishly enjoy and that is the part of her as my daughter.  She loves, cares, and nourishes our relationship and I can't imagine what I did to be so lucky!  This year, as a gift for my 60th birthday, Shiri surprised me with a trip to Paris!  She arranged to get away from home, made sure my calendar was cleared and organized a week of wonder for the two of us from start to finish.  All I need to do is show up. Can you believe it????  How lucky can one mommy be?

In 10 days Shiri and I will fly off to explore, enjoy and be together. I am oh so lucky!!  

Gloria Morgan  – (April 10, 2017 at 6:38 AM)  

What a wonderful daughter you have raised. This made me start my day with a smile. Happy Birthday.

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