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A special treat!! Guest blog by Father B!!! Don't miss...

Father B and I met in one of my home studio classes and we have had an ongoing friendship ever since!  I've asked him to write a guest blog post about the beautiful work he has done with me and he graciously agreed.  I id not know he was going to be so complimentary of me, I'm a bit embarrassed, I can only assure you no money was passed between us... 😉

It is with gratitude and much admiration that I bring you Father B in his own words...

Orna Willis Blog by Father B (not the original, the second)

Almost two years ago this July I signed up for the Colorations class given by Orna Willis in her studio home in Philadelphia, Pa. Almost from the moment of our first encounter our two kindred spirits melded. With only three other classmates, Orna was able to instruct, evoke, enkindle each of her students with almost undivided care and nurture. Sparks of inspiration flew as we were drawn into her conception of color relationships. After a few moments of class instructions, and speaking about the photo inspirations each student had adopted, we were given the freedom to wander and wonder in her studio shop for corresponding threads to the pattern she had given us. With unbounded energy and enthusiasm, like children in a candy store we eagerly pulled, compared, sifted through countless combinations and shades to narrow our choices and thread types and began our quest in stitching the pattern. Over the next few hours and days we developed and enlarged and sometimes narrowed our selections to produce the final product. I was completely mesmerized, with Orna hovering over in glee at the color choices and stitch combinations, a sparkling glint of approval in her eyes urging me and the students to probe deeper into their souls for enriching both needlework and color choice.

This first personal encounter with a wonderful teacher deepened my appreciation of color, and lead me to discover my innate talent already planted in my soul. Upon completion of the project (see photo) I was already looking forward to stitching another of these projects with my thread selection and using a Klimt painting as a guide. I completed this second keyhole or opening into the soul in record time, receiving approval and blessing from Orna. (see photo)

Seeking a more complex development in color appreciation and under the guidance of Orna, I requested her to develop a Gold Klimt pattern for me based on the colors in The Kiss, using the Tesselations again pattern. She obliged me and within one week she had delivered some 46 threads and model which I began immediately. Slowly but surely, commencing in the very center of the project, I jumped into the stitching which slowly began to captivate me as I progressed and finally completed after three months of work. Behold the result! (see photo) I was caught up into color bliss, transported by a wonderful keen eyed instructor!

As I read of Orna’s latest invitation to design a project together with her, I began to reflect on the creation process. I was on a long road trip to Pittsburgh as I pondered and prayed about creation, and immediately thought of God’s first day of creation as he separated light from dark. I passed through tree filled mountains and thought how this first day of creation is imitated in nature as spring enlivens new growth from the darkness of winter. The dark shades of tree trunks sprout forth into almost forty shades of green, then pale yellow then strong orange, then crimson red. Afterwards the vibrant flower colors sprout, develop and mature; the ultramarine blues, lilacs, even the pure white lily of the valley! All these grow at the word of our Creator recreating the very first day!

--> When I returned from my road trip, I perused the Adorn by Orna website. I admired all the needlepoint kits and then encountered the kit: “Let there be light.” I had forgotten about this project of hers! Upon close inspection of the details in the design, they all matched my prior musing, color by color, design by design, word by word. It seems that Father B has some needle pointing homework to catch up on to hone more skills from this brilliant teacher. Please join me with other needle enthusiasts on line to enhance, enrich and co-design with this wonderful instructor!

Thank you Father B, we've had and will continue to have a great journey!

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