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My design process; the How and Why

I really can't say what made me design these segments. Why did I choose these threads, why did I decide to change direction on the canvas?  Why did I stitch the Jessicas below in the sizes and shapes I did and why did I fill them in with the stitches shown below? What was it about the overdye I used in the diamond on the bottom right that compelled me to use it and surround it by greens and reds?

The only way I can share why and how is if you are there with me when I make these choices,  when I experiment with them,  when I stitch them in and pull them out.

That is why I am offering a new experience, an online design experience.  You will be at my side as I work up a new design and as I bring it together step by step, you will stitch it along with me.  Read about it below...

"Over the many years I've been designing, one question comes up again and again... how do you design a new piece? No matter how detailed my answer is, no matter how hard I try to explain the process, I come away feeling a bit frustrated. Words can't always shed light on how a new design comes to be.
But there is one way you are sure to understand, and in fact be there as it happens! Come design with me! An online class where you buddy up with me as I design a brand new piece!! On a private dedicated Facebook page, whatever I do, you will do, as I do it. As I come up with each step, I will send it to you, charts and explanation. Step by step, stopping along each time to bring what I do to you, we will stitch a new design together.
You will recieve 18 count mono canvas and a lovely group of fibers. This "mystery" class is different from other mystery classes. In this class I don't know what we are doing either. But it will unfold and you will be there with me to stitch each step and discuss the process. You will receive the kit and a start date, (June 12th). You will also get an invitation to a private dedicated Facebook page where we will meet to talk about the process and exchange thoughts. Don't worry if you are afraid you won't be able to keep up due to your own time constraints, stitch when you can and join us when you have the time.
See you at the drawing board!!"

Sign up for this experience HERE!

You can read more HERE, and always ask me questions!

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